Metamorph is a dynamic, experienced and innovative design communication company based in London. We operate across a broad range of commissions and media, with an integrated approach to corporate identity and brand strategy, communication design, advertising, website design – development, packaging design and branded environments.


Our mission is to create visual messages through the use of visual language in order to achieve commercial success for our clients brands by adding value and identifying opportunities. We create communication that transform our clients’ brands and inspires their customers. This is our vision, our motivation and the reason for our continuing success.


We offer comprehensive solutions for brand identity and formulate brand strategy. We apply this across the whole spectrum of the media, – print, internet, advertising, environmental and interior design. The result of our efforts is an optimised corporate image and effective communication. We have transformed our design aesthetic into a finely tuned and practical design system.


Our role is to listen, to respect the business needs of our clients, to decode and interpret for them the essential aspects of their products and services, to direct their communication to their customers and to achieve for them the greatest possible commercial success. The exploration of new imaginative forms of expression, the use of a well tried language of communication, talent, enthusiasm and strategic thinking all play an important role in our design.


We believe our multi-disciplinary approach is essential to bring together all the skills needed to build strong, consistent and successful brands.
A creative policy of thinking beyond the immediate requirements to a whole range of future applications means that the brand strategies we develop are long-lasting and with practical and creative potential for future implementation.


The variety of our European backgrounds and our business experience ensure that Metamorph’s ideas are not only innovative but also of the highest quality.
We find that our international perspective is invaluable in developing strategies and proposals that meet the needs of a wide range of cultures and audiences.